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My Shoe Reviews 2010 (with new shoes from 2011)

New balance 740 – Great shoe. Good cushioning. The only problem after some running activity is the sole. It felt it thinner and thinner. I think I need higher model of New balance the next time.





Nike Triax+ 13 – Used this pair on my 21Km runs. Had slight bruises and I felt it hard on the road after about 1 and a half hour running. I think need bigger size for this. Cushioning is the feature and stability but seems like i only felt the stability. I realized that not all check are right. Pasintabi sa mga check fans but I think I experienced some reason why check is not even on the top 5 shoe used in marathons and ironman.




Salomon XA Pro 3D Ultra – Very nice, beautiful trail running shoe but got dead nails on my left foot from Mayon Trail Run. Dunno if wrong footing or wrong size but my right foot was completely untouched. Hmmm. Used this one in Salomon X-trail run made adjustment on my left foot. This time, only a finger was hurt. Same pair also used climbing Mt. Isarog and all I can say is that this shoe is durable. One tough cookie. 🙂 Bottom line, I will still buy this model again especially now that XA Pro 3D Ultra 2 is now out in the market, will buy a size higher or wide version. hehehe…



Salomon XT Wings 2 – Cushioning is the main feature. Feels good, a size higher from XA Pro 3D Ultra, comfortable. I only use this going to work, no activity yet but I think this will keep my nails alive during trail runs. Bought this 20% off from Salomon X-trail run.






Had 2 marathons and an ultramarathon with this Asics Kayano 17.  Great cushioning, you can feel the smoothness during the runs. One thing I noticed, sole was too thick but over all, I will buy Asics for road runs.






Salomon S-LAB 3 – Looking forward to TNF 100km for its performance. Used this thrice goin’ to work and wow! I felt great comfort. Hope to feel the comfort during the race. 🙂


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