erellvillalba – Hike, Run, Walk and Roll

Great Outdoor…Cool Runnings…


About me…? A mountaineer, runner, ultrarunner (just started), trail runner, a father to my son and a husband to my wife.  Sort of cool guy…always wants to play but have to work for a living. Eager to learn new things.  Funned of going out on the outdoors specially going to high peaks, take my bike to Laguna or Cavite, go to beaches around the country since we have here 7100 island – a lot of good beaches here. I highly recommend Boracay in Aklan if anybody wants to experience a great time, but if you want peaceful and quite beach I choose Putipot Is in Zambales is the place to go. Sometimes I do mountainbiking on low lands… pretty hard going up. I love listening to music at home when nowhere to go . I also love to watch my favorite movies especially when got bored and of course play and watch with my kid (watch walang katapusang Ironman, Diego Dora, Toystory, Madagascar, Bolt, etc. with him).  I love to play guitar before but when I started working, I rarely strum my guitar now but I think I can still play guitar well, just need to practice. What I hate most are people who back stags ~ I love someone that confront me whenever I commit mistake or what they dislike about me ~ I am a very jolly person and wants to hung out specially when pressure arises ~ Maybe thats it ~ to know more about me… Just keep in touch  🙂


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